OJS Background

Sharrow Community Forum (SCF)is a community development organisation, established in 1997, working to strengthen communities in the Sharrow area of Sheffield. We work together with the local community to improve services, bring people together, build the community’s voice, and generally make the local community a better place to live. Some of the services we offer include training, volunteering, health information, promoting improvements in the built environment and running a centre with an emphasis on community engagement.

Sharrow Community Forum’s mission statement is to strengthen communities in Sharrow by improving the quality of life, building the community’s voice, and bringing people together.

SCF is a membership organisation, constituted as a limited company (3338021) and a registered charity (1081829. Membership is open to anyone who “lives, works, or has an interest in Sharrow” and we currently have around 90 members from all sections of the community.  Some members represent organisations but most are individual members.

Our trustees come from a range of backgrounds and represent a number of organisations in the area or are individuals who live or work in Sharrow.  They are openly recruited and elected by the membership at the annual AGM, with the longest serving needing to be re-elected and they are required to stand down after 6 years but can be elected after one year

SCF carries out various projects aimed at building a better community. These projects are driven by local people who want to make a difference in their community – volunteers, community leaders, activists.

Some actions are small, some long term. Some things are aimed at opportunities to meet people, some at achieving change.  SCF employ a range of methods to engage, inform and consult residents about a range of subjects relating to local services. We aim to work closely alongside residents, service providers and local groups to improve communication and make sure people have the opportunity to be active, involved and influential in their community.

Our work to date has seen us use a wide range of engagement techniques, including the use of art and media, and more traditional methods such as surveys, focus groups and research trips.

Reduced funding for this type of work requires us to focus on running activities and events at the Old Junior School (a community building we manage on behalf of Sheffield City Council), such as childcare classes, art and design classes, cooking classes, ESOL, film club, cultural and music nights. There is a diverse range of organisations that utilise the building and our focus is joining up these services to provide holistic solutions to local issues.