A note from The Chair, Jill Nanson

The following is from our 2017 annual report. To download the full version click here.

“It’s been my first year as Chair of our Trustees – one that I’ve enjoyed immensely and one where I’ve learned a great deal.  There have been challenges of course, mainly around our funding.  But it’s the highlights I remember – the Forum’s award for cohesion and social action from Duke of York Community Initiative in early 2017 and a Community Star award in July 2017 ; the opening of the Made in Sharrow workshop, our new CNC facility, which uses a computer to control a machine that can cut and shape a range of materials, so far this has bene used by over 60 young people and 5 different and diverse groups, our Tea at Adventures, which welcomed 562 people for over 3000 meals during the summer, and another successful Autumn Carnival this November which attracted over 300 people on the night and many more involved in Lantern making leading up to the event.

I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed this year – to those who’ve taken part in an event, visited the Old Junior School, or used Adventures; to partners city-wide; to our funders; to colleagues old and new, and to trustees past and present.  I’m confident we can make next year bigger and even better.  To do this we need you, after all, our purpose is to strengthen communities in Sharrow, by improving the quality of life, building the community’s voice and bringing people together.  Please let us know where you’d like us to focus our efforts; join us at an event or activity; encourage your friends and family become members, or find out about joining our friendly Board of Trustees.

With very best wishes,