The past year has seen some changes to the services provided by Sharrow Community Forum. Prominent has been that after an association of eight years, ShipShape, the health provision arm of the Forum, has become an independent organisation. We wish them well in what they do as they seek to develop the service they offer to the people of Sharrow and wider afield.

As that element of community service leaves the Forum’s direct responsibility, we are exploring a number of fresh and exciting avenues that will unfold over the coming months that will grow the work we do.

This report focuses on key projects we currently are engaged with, that give you an idea of the way in which we have been working and how you can be involved. We hope that this report will inspire you to be involved in strengthening Sharrow.
SCF is a membership organisation that relies on input from local people, so we encourage you to become a member, to read Sharrow Today and to get involved in some of the local activities.

The principal activity of the organisation is to facilitate the social, economic and environmental regeneration of the area by encouraging and supporting partnership working between and within the community voluntary, statuto-ry and business sectors. This coming year will be an exciting one for the Forum as we look to build on the stable base we have and be strengthened by new trustees, input from members and a capable staff team.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude, on behalf of the trustees, to Jonathan and the SCF team who have worked so well, and been so motivated, over this past year in the face of some difficult and challenging circumstances. We move into 2016 able to develop from the foundation that has been laid, positively encouraged.

James Chapman—Chair, Sharrow Community Forum

Our Trustees


Here are some more trustees who’s image we don’t currently have:

Maggie O’Neill  /  Sarah Jane Smalley  /  Tracey Russell  /  Beata Kovacs  /  Jean Cromar  /  Jill Nanson  /  James Highmore

Find below our latest version of our accounts along with our Memorandum available for download.



Annual Report