‘Men at Work’ to support vulnerable dads affected by family breakdown

‘Men at Work’ to support vulnerable dads affected by family breakdown

‘Men at Work’ is now a charitable organisation provides information, guidance and support through 1 to 1 peer-led mentorship providing to vulnerable Dads affected by family breakdown. Objective and practical guidance, advocacy and correspondence with court and other family services and our partnership with ShipShape provides further well-being activities aimed at relieving loneliness, depression and isolation. Mixing practical with physical, mental and emotional support ensures we reach our true beneficiary as we work to overcome barriers to regular, sustained and appropriate father-child contact, following family breakdown.

‘Men at Work’ first started as a group of volunteers with direct experience of family breakdown and related issues. Through the provision of one2one buddying  as well as peer-group support, Men at Work aims to help men to recover and settle into happy, healthy and fulfilling lives after the traumatic experience of family breakdown. Their support focuses upon issues around family breakdown, ranging from poor diet to alcohol and substance misuse, depression and mental wellbeing among men. They also encourages individuals to get involved in developing the group and to participate in community activities.

You can read more about Men@W in our blog. If you would like to make a referral or self refer afor support, please fill in the referral form and return it directly to ShipShape Health and Wellbeing Centre (please specify ‘Men at Work’ on the envelope)

Contact person: Ben Rose, 07960 835 980 or email Relationship.Breakdown4Men@gmail.com  Also on facebook and Twitter

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'Men at Work' to support vulnerable dads affected by family breakdown
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